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Kablooie Store

Make a statement with slow fashion that's all about making you feel FABULOUS!

An explosion of colourful fashion for big and little people. Ethically handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia.


Kablooie Store is a handcrafted micro fashion label, established in 2015.

Each piece is made for you - the bright, the bold and the fabulous.

Shop the look - with larger than life patterns, glorious colour clash, and delicious food themed fabric!

Kablooie - Thoughtful fashion made FUN.

All collections are made to order, and are restocked regularly. Sell outs are common, so for a Restock Alert Email, or previews of new collections, join my VIP email list. *HASHTAG BOOM*


My experience from beginning to end was perfect. Packaging was beautiful and turnaround time fast! Thanks for a great service and beautiful, quality hand made items. My daughter wears her skirt A LOT therefore it is washed often and still looks the same as brand new!!

Just wanted to say thank your for my lovely new broccoli skirt!! I love it!! Also love the way the skirt fits! So much so that I've just ordered another one!

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I designed for Girt Squad season two and it was AMAZING!

Girt Squad is a collective of established and independent Australian designers and makers. We work together to create magic with the designs of Ellie Whittaker. For my second season with the Squad, I loved exploring the playful, retro inspired designs that Ellie created for us to work with.  The season closed on 6th May, and now those limited edition pieces are gone for good! Keep an eye out here and on Instagram for when season 3 will burst onto the scene (All photography by Katie Takes A Picture)

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Love something a little bit special?  Limited Edition orders have been selling like hotcakes in my private Facebook Shopping Group. I source unique and designer fabric in limited amounts, and make you cool stuff with it.  Want in?  You're invited! Just click here.