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Kablooie Store – bold fashion for big and little people.

Heeeeeey style guru. So you love bright? Bold? A touch of quirky? I am soooo glad you stopped by. We’re gonna have so much fun together!  How do you feel about style that makes you feel AMAZING, makes you smile ALL over, but doesn’t  break the bank?

Well guess what? Kablooie is for the bold, the bright and the fabulous – and that’s you! Uh-huh. Absolutely. Kablooie is for the style gurus – who aren’t afraid to look and feel fabulous EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Kablooie is about statement pieces that you can build an outfit around – a mix of vibrant colours and quirky prints to style your way. I created Kablooie clothing for you. Because you’re already fabulous. And here’s the wardrobe to match. BAM!

live colourfully


My kids range is available in sizes 1-6. Because Kablooie is a small, handmade gig, I’m happy to discuss custom sizes – up to size 10 in shorts and all sizes in skirts – child and tween. The styles are simple so those crazy cool patterns stand out. Make their wardrobe go KAPOW with your fave Kablooie pieces!

As a mum of three little product testers, I KNOW how kids treat their clothes. Its gotta be practical. Simple. Easy to care for. BUT NEVER EVER BORING. Nuh-uh. And Kablooie is all that. Check out the kids range here.

Oh and for the ladies – WOW! Amp up your individual style with your own Kablooie skirt. Big, bold patterns that you can mix and match, dress up or down. Do your own thang, because you already know what you love.

Big bold crazy vegetable prints?  Bold freestyle grid with a bright yellow feature pocket? Or the crazy cat lady print – so many fun and colourful prints to pick from!  Browse the ladies range here.

And wanna see something really delicious?  Check out my new Bananas For Mangoes designer range – an exclusive design created in collaboration with Ellie Whittaker Studios.

Bananas For Mangoes ladies dress

Keep a note of your favourites because – seriously – this is an addiction. You won’t be able to stop at just one!! You can start your own wishlist by clicking the ‘Add to Wishlist’ option below each product. Make sure you’re hanging with me on Instagram or Facebook, cos that’s where I’ll show you all the good stuff!

And if you never want to miss a product launch, join up to my VIP group to get emailed notifications straight to your inbox.   Partial to custom orders, made just for you?  Check out my fabulous private shopping group on Facebook and get involved in all the fun stuff I’ve been making!

Oh, and you wanna know about me? Read on!

Keneena Fanning – Bio.
Lover of colour, words, puns, pattern clash and donuts. Definitely not a perfectionist. Keneena Fanning is the sole creator, maker and doer at Kablooie Store, her micro fashion label full of big bold happy pieces. Kablooie Store’s vision? To create fun fashion pieces for you and your child that look fabulous, and make you feel deep-down happy!

Keneena Fanning, Kablooie StoreA Brisbane-based wife and mum of three, Keneena has worked previously in economics, strategic financing, and project management, and holds a business degree in economics and resources management. True story.

Now, in between dreaming up new colour clashes, sewing and packing orders, and snapping flatlays, Keneena finds joy in the happy chaos of family and church life, loves to exercise and dreams of one day doing one handed pushups. Followed by a pepperoni pizza.


Enjoy xx


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