Heeeeey!! Here you’ll find more detail on postage, turnaround times, exchanges and terms and conditions.  If you don’t find your answer here, please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

How Does Kablooie Work ?

Kablooie is a pretty unique concept.  I have created a pretty wide range of fabulous, exclusive designs but I am still a very small business.  I also offer a range of customisation options, as part of creating clothes that make you deep down happy and fit you JUST right.

Because of this, your order is hand cut after I receive it, as I don’t have finished items sitting on the shelf waiting to be sent out.  I also often have up to (or more than) 100 orders open, either being cut, sewn, or about to be posted out… while I may not be working on YOUR order right now, I am always working on someone’s order, so please be patient.

Behind the Scenes, this is what happens:

Over several days, I pull out my big fabric rolls and my pattern pieces, and I cut each order, adding the customisations you request.

At the end of each week, these cut garments go (together with tags, thread, pocket pieces and notes) to my team of seamstresses. These super hero sewists have each pile for  7 days, and then return all their completed sewing at the end of each week (and pick up a new pile). Each Monday, all that beautiful finished sewing is checked, folded and packed into parcels to go out to its new home with you!  All parcels are tracked and you’ll receive an email letting you know your order is complete, and another providing you with a tracking number so you can follow its progress.

Generally, each garment will be finished and in the post within 3-4 weeks. Occasionally though, when I release a fabulous new design, I get a whole heap of orders all at once (sometimes more than 100 in one night). In those cases, we work as hard as we can, but orders can take several weeks longer, just because each piece still needs to be cut and I have an agreement with each of my ladies about how many items they can reasonably sew in a week. On occasion, fabric is also in transit, and arrives after your order has been placed (like a pre order, so you don’t miss out). In those cases, again, there may be an extra week or two wait before the fabric arrives and the process starts.

I hope this little run through helps you understand how Kablooie works, and what is happening to your order – if it is ever sitting idle, it’s only while orders ahead of it in the cue are cut or sewn.

I saw I can customise my purchasehow does this work?

I’m so glad you asked! You can purchase each garment ‘as is’ – for example – a regular dress, regular length, in the size you choose.

 However, because everyone is a little bit different, I offer lots of customisation options so you can adjust your garment to be perfect for YOU!  If you are shorter or taller than average, and always find dresses or skirts just a bit short or long, you can use the notes section in the profduct to ask for up to 5cm adjustment to your hemline – shorter or longer, for no additional cost.

You can also widen the armholes a bit, or scoop the neckline a little more (still in the same shape). For the babydoll dress, you can lengthen the bust section by up to 5cm , so the raised waistline is comfortably below your bust. These options are all free of charge.

For a small extra cost, you can also add longer sleeves, to the elbow, or even full length sleeves (for the jersey dress/top only). You can make your dress or skirt midi length, to below your knee, or maxi length, to your ankle. You can even add a matching fabric belt for a funky silhouette, or a lining slip (a petticoat style skirt) to wear under your dress so it doesn’t do that horrible ‘sticking to your leggings in winter’ thing.

Many of my regular customers love these options, and choose them over and over – and of course, you can pick your own, or simply add your garment to cart as is.

How fast will my purchase get to me? 

My average turn around is three weeks from order to postage (based on my normal order volume and the nature of handmade items). This does not include postage time. All of my super-fabulous Kablooie items are made to order, with a processing time of up to 3 weeks from order to postage.

Some orders take an average of 4 weeks, as I need to allow time for fabric orders to arrive. If it’s important that you receive an item by a certain date, like a birthday or an important event – please contact me BEFORE ORDERING to see if this will be possible, as it’s not always possible to push earlier orders back to make room for yours – every single one of my customers is important to me.

I also offer express postage for $10 at checkout – but again, please remember that THIS IS FOR POSTAGE TIME ONLY, NOT SHORTER PROCESSING TIME. Express postage will not push your order forward in the cue – you will still need to contact me if you require it by a certain time.

Okay, I think I’m done with the caps lock button now. hehe.

You will always get an email when your order has been completed, along with a tracking number, to the email you provide at checkout, so you know when it’s on your way to you. If you don’t see the email first off, please check your spam or promotions folder, as they often end up there.

What’s the lowdown on postage?

I charge $7.50 flat rate postage anywhere in Australia for purchases under $100. Simples!  If your purchase is over $100, your postage will be free – automatically. Totes cool – yay!

If for any reason you are charged postage incorrectly, please contact me  – I can check it out quickly and refund you if needed.   All parcels include tracking (I’ll include your tracking number in your completed order email). If you don’t see your email please check your spam folders in your email account, they often end up there.

I post via Australia Post – who advise that a standard parcel can take up to a week to be delivered. However – I have had some parcels take up to two weeks. If your parcel doesn’t arrive within two weeks after being posted in Australia – please FIRST check your tracking number online.  If you’re still unable to find the information or it looks like something is wrong, please then contact me so I can help. You may need to allow more than the usual time during busy holiday periods such as Christmas.

International postage is $20 for most other countries. If your country is not listed please contact me for a quote. Unfortunately I do not post to the US or Canada due to insurance restrictions.  Don’t forget some countries charge customs or other fees on your order, and these are not included in the product or postage cost which I charge you. Any extra charges are outside of my control – please ensure you understand this before purchasing – as I don’t want you to experience any rude shocks.

International postage can take from 2 – 6 weeks depending on where you are located. Tracking is usually available on International parcels, but can depend on the reliability of your own country’s postal service.

I do not accept returns (including return to sender) based on additional taxes or charges being applied in your country after I have shipped your product.  Thanks so much for your understanding.

To update you on order progress, you will get an email from the website (using the email you provide at checkout) once your order has been processed, finished and posted. please check your spam or promotions folder if you do not see the email, as it often ends up there.


Does Kablooie do returns or exchanges?

Like any small boutique store, I do not offer refunds or exchanges because you have changed your mind about your made to order (and often customised)purchase, so please consider carefully before checking out. Kablooie garments are carefully handmade, starting often months and years before in the design process, creating an exclusive print, which is then printed, cut and sewn by a local seamstress.

I do offer exchanges for size only –  if you have chosen your size and it doesn’t fit you, you can return it.  In this case, an exchange may be either an adjustment on your garment or the completion of a new one for you. Your garment must be exchanged within 2 weeks of receiving it, and be in unworn condition to be exchanged (ie a try on is fine but not if you have worn it more than once).  If you need to exchange your garment for a different size, please contact me on for my return address,  and return your garment for exchange promptly. Postage back to me is your responsibility. I’ll take care of postage back to you.

If you have worn a garment several times and washed it, or have had it for longer than 2 weeks and not contacted me, it is not in a condition suitable for exchange.

Please check out my full terms and conditions here.  Kablooie Store complies with Australian Law for Returns and Exchanges.  As per Australian Law, refunds are available only if your product is defective or has a major fault in it, which can not be reasonably fixed.

Every single Kablooie product is pretty awesome (I think!), and is handmade.  There will be small differences in pattern placement, stitching and thread colour, and slight variations, as each item is individual and not mass produced. Change of mind (deciding you no longer want your product, or don’t like the style or fit, when it’s been described via product photos and descriptions, and sizing charts, fits under this category). For this reason, please choose carefully.  Where there is  fault in your product, I will either fix it for you, or provide an exchange or credit for a new items, or where appropriate, a refund.


Do you ever create custom, one of a kind, or limited edition clothing?

Well I’m glad you asked! And yes I do, within certain parameters. I often choose different fabrics and offer them as one of a kind or limited run options in my usual designs.  Kablooie Clothing is all about being an individual and having fun with fashion.  If you want access to even more of my products, I do limited runs of clothing, occasional one of a kind, and secret sales in my Private Facebook Shopping Group. None of these are available on my website and I’m more flexible about what I can customise, including trying new sizes, adding sleeves, changing length etc.  Cool, right?  Come join us.

I do offer minor customisation to my current patterns and styles, including scooping necklines, lengthening sleeves or hems. Scooping the neckline or lengthening the hem by up to 5cm can be requested at checkout for no charge.  A longer sleeve or a matching fabric belt can be purchased soon as a product you can add to cart with your dress or top.

I am sorry,  but I am not able to make you a more tailored garment (including more darts, zips or modifications, a completely different style garment (using a new pattern), or make you something with your own fabric. These requests may seem simple but they are very costly to produce on a one off basis.  Please see a tailor or seamstress for these types of requests.


Do you sell your Kablooie fabric?

No I don’t. Each of my exclusive fabrics has been developed in collaboration with independent designers, so that I am able to offer my customers designs they can’t find anywhere else. It’s a big investment for me as a small business, so I don’t sell any of my fabric for other purposes.

What is Kablooie doing about Sustainability?

I produce small batch, made to order products that are designed and sewn in Australia.  As a result there is minimal waste of fabric and materials required to product each piece. My employees are local and paid at or above award wages and work flexibly.

Since the start of 2019, all parcels are sent out in biodegradable or recyclable packaging, and where ever possible, I reuse fabric offcuts for smaller products, or in collaborations with other businesses. Fabric offcuts too small to use are donated regularly to community kindergartens or childcare centres. We also aim to recycle as much of our soft plastic and other waste as we can.


My Promise to You 

What is my promise to you as my customer? We will always work our hardest to bring you beautifully sewn products in incredible designs, that I am proud to put my brand on.

If you receive your order and you got the size wrong, don’t panic. I understand this happens, because it’s hard to translate numbers into how a garment looks on your unique figure. If you contact me and post your order back within 2 weeks, I will exchange for size, even if it’s a customised order. Because each piece is carefully handmade for you, I don’t accepts returns for change of mind, just like any other small boutique, so please choose carefully. (see FAQ on returns and exchanges for more details)

What’s not included? Please don’t expect perfection. Each piece is handcut (with human hands and one pair of scissors), pattern placement varies and occasionally thread colour will too.  Kablooie pieces, while high quality and consistently sewn, will be perfectly imperfect.

Expect high standards, fun and colourful clothing, and the opportunity to customise your garment to suit you – wider sleeves, longer bodice or a more scooped neckline.

Please don’t request micro changes to measurements that can’t be easily carried out without physical tailoring, or changing the style of garments outside my normal scope. (I don’t mind you asking, if you don’t mind me saying no if it’s not possible)  Thank you so much for understanding!

Please remember that serving you as a customer does not make me your employee. I have worked incredibly hard to create this brand and creating garments for you gives me a thrill every single time, but I and my team are not required to endure any abuse, rudeness and lack of consideration because you have purchased our work.

I have received enough positive, consistent feedback from customers who have purchased and worn multiple items over a period of time, that I am confident in the quality of my garments, so you can be too.

What is your privacy notice?

I value your privacy, and your private information. And I hate spam. Please read our separate privacy policy carefully here.


Kablooie Store is a Registered Business in Australia – ABN 32 457 385 234


Still need help? Contact Kablooie Store below!

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