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Your fun quirky style is EXACTLY what Kablooie Store is all about. You're fabulous - and I know it!
 live colourfully
My Kablooie VIPs are seriously more fabulous than a unicorn dancing on rainbows. You'd fit right in. True story. Really, though, wanna know what you're missing out on?
As a VIP, you'll receive a free gift when you sign up - the 'Live Colourfully' digital print, created especially for you.
I'll also email you the code for a $5 voucher for some online shopping fun - yaaaas!
I'll provide you with exclusive offers and early access to new collections (REAL offers that YOU want - like a VIP only price reduction or free shipping)
And for you, I'm only ever an email away - personal service and your own one person cheerleading squad. Cos I love every one of my VIP customers and your style makes me jump for joy!
Wanna join my squad? Sign up today and get ready to feel FABULOUS!

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